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Photo Gallery

  22:29 Moon Ascending Node-11/30/2013

  20:42 First Quarter-12/11/2013



  Maa Bhagvaati-28/09/2013

  Gyandeep -09/11/2013



  Media Highlights -12/19/2013

  Pioner college visit-27/04/2013

  First event pic of UPACC-12/20/2013

  Basic Photo Graphi-1/10/2014

  Lucknow Cant -1/11/2014

  Manawata Public Inter Collage -1/11/2014

  St. Anglos Collage -1/13/2014

  Indra Park -1/13/2014

  IG Planetoriom -1/13/2014

  Mahar Regiment ,-1/13/2014

  CST Club Member -1/13/2014

  Ram Lal Public Inter Collage -1/13/2014

  Indira Gandhi Planetarium campus lucknow

  Indira Gandhi Planetarium campus lucknow

  Mobile Planetarium

  Jai Ambe -29/04/2013

  Lunar Eclipse -1/13/2014

  Ram Lal Memorial School (Malihabad)-24/10/2013

  Rama Public School -1/13/2014

  SPS Academy -1/13/2014

  Play Way Academy -1/13/2014

  Ower Litil Angilos Home -1/13/2014

  CST Physics Event -1/13/2014

  Saturn Opposition -1/13/2014

  KVS Lucknow -1/13/2014

  Manwata Public Inter Collage -1/13/2014


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